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new bot flag request: →‎MerlIwBot
(new bot flag request: →‎MerlIwBot)
I'm contacting you as I am currently looking for translators who are willing to contribute to this project by helping translate and localize messages into different languages and suggesting messages that would appeal to your readers on the Fundraising Meta Page. We've started the setup on [ meta] for both [ banner submission], [ statistical analysis], and [ grouping volunteers together].<br>Use the talk pages on meta, talk to your local communities, talk to others, talk to us, and add your feedback to the proposed messages as well! I look forward to working with you during this year's fundraiser. If someone could translate this message I would really appreciate it so that everyone is able to understand our goals and contribute to this year's campaign.<br> [[user:Theo (WMF)|Theo (WMF)]] 20. rehekuu 2010, kell 19:50 (UTC)
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== [[User:MerlIwBot|MerlIwBot]] ==
Hello! I would like to get a bot flag for [[User:MerlIwBot|MerlIwBot]].
*'''Operator''': [[:w:de:User:Merlissimo]]
*'''Automatic or Manually Assisted''': automatic
*'''Programming Language(s)''': Java
*'''Function Summary''': interwiki
*'''Already has a bot flag on''': Yes, including all major wikis [[sulutil:MerlIwBot]]
Thanks! [[Pruukja:Merlissimo|Merlissimo]] 9. mahlakuu 2011, kell 10:43 (UTC)