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(→‎fiu-vro versus vro: uus alajaotus)
Hi, Võrok. The ISO code for Voro is now "vro" without the "fiu". Since ISO code are widely used and since the 3 letter form is simpler, shouldn't we try to use it in Wikimedia as well ?--[[Pruukja:Zolo|Zolo]] 1. märtekuu 2011, kell 07:30 (UTC)
== GedawyBot ==
Hi sir. I made [[Wikipedia:Arotusõtarõ#Bot flag for GedawyBot|a request]] for bot flag, I hope you approve it. Thanks.--[[Pruukja:محمد الجداوي|محمد الجداوي]] 2. märtekuu 2011, kell 19:02 (UTC)